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The Soup Thief

Wireless charging options for the Nexus 4

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Hi thriddle - good to hear someone's finding this helpful!

There really is virtually nothing non-obvious to choose between these wireless chargers - they all work in the same way, so the problems appearing with the cheap as chips pucks (eg setting up wakelocks etc) are just as likely to show up with the fancy Google Orb.  Potentially the orb might be a bit more efficient so you might not need a 2A charger (though I'm not sure on this) but really if you get a super cheap device with a 2A charger (total cost, about six quid if you shop around) you'll be golden.

Of course, you'll still have the wakelocks to content with, but there are workarounds for that.

Interesting to note that the N5 appears to have 4 little magnets around the wireless charging coil, whose purpose is assumed to be to connect to 4 magnets on a charger to ensure the coils line up niceley for optimal charging.  Apparently some old Blackberry device had a similar set up.

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