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Got the G300 69quid :-0 brand new

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Bought a second for my daughter for 69 quid from www.very.co.uk

User a 30 quid off coupon to get it down that low .. Google for them.

But for now heres one for 25 quid 33XKJ

U have to open a credit account though.

No biggy as opened it up bought the thing paid full amount off on card then shut the account.

Also was SIM FREE :-0

and didnt have to buy a stupid evoucher

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Thanks for posting this, just bagged one for my missus as her old G300 backlight packed up last week and I reckon this will be less hassle than trying to get it fixed.

Did as you suggested, opened a credit account, applied this code [ 2D8GZ ] from hotukdeals then chose 'pay now by card'. The £30 then gets credited back to your card later. Great phone for £69

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