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good tools for zte Roms

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I got two good tools for zte roms,which can change the offical zte online upgrade roms(zip format) into a SD card upgrade roms(bin format),or change the SD card upgrade rom into a online upgrade roms.

1,you can get the offical zip roms from the zte online upgrade software during upgrade on c:/program files/ZTE update tool/FirmwareVersion.

2,unzip the offical zip rom into a new folder named image.

3,copy these three tools into this folder

4,double click the .bat file you want to change the rom from one format to another.

5,one or two minutes later you will get the image.bin file in this folder. and this is the SD card flash file you want !

note: this works on my zte skate, I dont know the other zte devices. And I dont write these tools,But I think it only works on the offical zip roms

and sorry about my english, I am a chinese. my email is [email protected]

zte tools.rar


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