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Incoming calls only ring once. Why?

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Hope somebody can help with this. I have no idea what is causing the problem (above), and the sms notifications are odd as well. They act as if they are trying to make a sound, but it cuts off without actually finishing the sound.

I'm on the newest CM9 and the new touch version of CWM (but it is R1).

But, I don't think either are the problem. The only thing that I know to have changed is my sim card. Just switched from giffgaff to orange (for better signal in the house). I rang Orange and the support line gave me a dialler code to make it ring for 20 seconds before vm kicks in. Nothing changed, so I'm trying you guys.

So again, for the last couple of days since changing the sim card: I ring my phone from a landline. My phone only rings once, but the other side (my landline) rings for 20 seconds, then goes to vm.

Thanks for any help given.

All the best,


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That dialler code would probably only work on stock rom and stock dialler. Have you tried changing the ring tone an d notification sound by any chance, I assume that you have.

There are lines in build prop which point to the stock ring tone and I think the notification sound also. You could try changing these to another sound/ring tone.

Is it a stock ring tone of you are using or an mp3 based one.

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Did tell the girl @ Orange it was a custom rom, but that can't really be the problem cause though I didn't actually let it ring 20 sec when I first tested it, it wasn't far from and it is going 20 sec now so that can't be it.

Yeah did try changing both ring tone and notif. And it is an mp3 tone from a ringtone app. Not music but a ring like phones sounded 30 years ago :-)

So how a simple card change effect this? Anyway not real familiar with build prop edits but would be grateful for any ideas and guidance


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