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Which way to go?

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Hi guys!

I'm pretty new to the use of custom ROMs, I've flashed a Chinese Tablet previously to ICS, which luckily went without a hitch and it improved the Tablet ten fold from it's ugly Gingerbread.

But having just got my new Huawei Ascend G300 I'm a little retisent to muck around with it, as it's my only phone and I don't want to mess it up and brick it - that said I realise that it's reasonably straight forward with the instructions e.g. "Explained like you're 5".

I read the majority of the lengthy posts on each ROM here, although it can get a little confusing as to know which ROM is best - although that is probably more down to personal preference I expect.

My main reason to update from the stock ICS is that like many I hate all the bloat that Vodafone has stuck on, and the lack of consistency with the overall ICS theme. Although I rooted and unlocked the phone and removed some things, it's not as 'Vanlla ICS' as I'd like - it just doesn't feel clean ;)

Currently I'm interested in "ICS CM9 4.04 Cyanogen 9.1" and also "ROM ICS Infusion Final B06/B07". Although I really have no idea whether these would be good, but at least there are some screenshots to go by. Please suggest others if you think it may be of use!

It appears that most ROMs don't have all the features working from what I've read, and it can oddly vary between peoples phones, plus even the stock Vodafone one doesn't appear to be 100% either.

Could someone give me any advice as what the above ROMs struggle with and what improvments I might get from them?

Plus the info given for "Explained like you're 5" is this fine for both of these ROMs?

What is the best way to do a complete backup of my phone to take it back after modding in case anything goes wrong? Is a Nandroid backup the best option or will it interfere with the install guide mentioned above?

Any non-biased advise would be greatly appreciated,

Jay :)

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I've got the phone, unlocked and rooted and the software installed to work as I like it. But I've wrapped it up, because it's a xmas present to me, and I like having things to unwrap on the day and can leave it alone til then. I'm still researching the roms and whether it is worth it right now.

I'm wary of flashing a custom rom on it. It's a good phone specs wise and I'm moving up from a u8160 which I've tried loads of custom roms on and prefer the Legdroid CM7 flavour. They are necessary on that phone, as you need to overclock it to get it comfortable, and activate the multi touch (which the Voda rom has disabled) Unfortunately the U8160's camera can get a bit flaky, although it's working fine this flash (seems to be hit and miss with flashing, or with the state of the download zip I guess) and I can't install certain software that I could before (trainline, other timetabling software that has purchasing facilities)

You say the camera on the u8815 is now responsive. I have to admit the focusing wass dire on the phone when I tested it and I ended up with a lot of blurry pics, plus you can only make someone hold a pose for so long and then they move away just as the shutter finally clicks after focusing.

I've also seen a video someone uploaded, which showed smooth playback. I tried to make a video and it was jerky. Did the flavour of rom you flashed in solve the video frame rate too?

After reading through this forum it appears that some of the more modern roms aren't as good as some of the older ones, although I need to get reading again and see what's what. MY gaming is limited to Klondike and Bejewelled really, I'm not into 3D games except on a desktop pc and they are battery killers, so they aren't primary with the phone. I do want to remove the obscene Voda branding off it though, and be able to install software to replace the stock apps that end up blocked from installing (docs2go for example)

So, additional thoughts?

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