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Damian J

antone tried skate miui?

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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried flashing the miui versions going around for the the skate? Keeping in mind our devices are skate acqua.

I'm willing to try flashing and fix any problems but I need a cwm package of ics because I can't have much downtime with this phone. .. If anyone has one? It shouldn't be that hard of a port... straight forward stuff. .. Once I can get it booting I'll be sure to update the miui base to the latest version atleas once a fortnight.

Cheers! !

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The Blade 3 version of MIUI works well. So far no MIUI rom for the Acqua exists. You can flash Blade 3 version onto your Acqua (I have) it works well.

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Seriously WTF?!? That's a complete rip off of my Blade III port! Couple of removed apps and four lines changed in build.prop. And not a single credit given to me! Basic XDA sh*t btw, just repack someone else's work and pass it as your own. Lol, nothing Android 4.3 there either. KANGing idiots like this just make me sick. :(

# deleted: system/app/BugReport.apk
# deleted: system/app/Gallery2.apk
# modified: system/app/PackageInstaller.apk
# deleted: system/app/SuperMarket.apk
# deleted: system/app/Transfer.apk
# deleted: system/app/Weather.apk
# modified: system/build.prop
# added: file_contexts[/CODE]

To answer the OP, there's already a MIUI port that works in Acqua and there has been one for months.


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