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[REQ] Audio routing fix / earplugs detection

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If someone could look into KonstaT's code (I'd specifically like someone to look more into jventura's EcoCM9, since he's got the patches out on a ROM) and try to fix the audio routing (problems with viber, sound plays through side loud speaker, not the top one). Also there's another audio problem and that is the headphone/earplugs detection, sound plays fine through them, but when you pull the jack it keeps playing on the speaker, something that doesn't happen in CM7.x ROMS.

I know this is a lot of work for devs, and probably an "insult" to some devs, such as KonstaT (I fully respect his decision on quitting CM9/CM10.x roms for blade). But if this gets fixed it'd be awesome to save some people from awkward situations (i'm talking about someone pulling you're earplugs cord and having the music play through the speakers... oh god why...) xD

PS: As for CM10 roms there's the camera preview bug, leave this for last if you're going to attend some people's request, since CM9 roms are probably the most stable out there...

Thanks for everything!

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I would love if someone would release a patch or something to increase sound. I have faced it many times in CM10 & 10.1 roms, When I receive a call while listening to music and I pull the plug and answer it and then put the plug back soon after, the volume increases by a mile, I always think, sound is the only problem with this device.

If someone can find that, and make it permanent through a patch, it would be awesome!

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There are still audio/headset Issues left.

  • If Phone is on vibrate, there is no ringtone playing on your headset, even worse, there is no focus grab off your music(no focus grab in CM10, there is focus grab in 10.1), so you have absolutely no clue someone is calling beside the vibration which can be easily missed walking down the street.

    CM7 does a focus grab, even better would be if it would play the ringtone on your headset like SonyEricssons / iPhones do.

    • If Phone is not in vibrate or silent mode, the rigntone only plays through your headset, so you can easily miss a call if you took your earplugs out to talk to someone or something.

    CM7 had an option to always ring on speaker (but not headset), however, it would be much better if it would play on both your headset and your blade.
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