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Almost all roms hang at green android

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I've got a SF2 and I used the http://sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/ guides to unlock and debrand it which went perfectly. Everything was fine until I wanted to try a different rom, they all got stuck at the green android :( I used the ZTE handset tool to go back to stock to see if starting the process from the beginning would help but it didn't really. The only rom that has worked is the stock French "Free" rom.

Roms that work:

FnC 3

Stock French "FREE"

Roms that don't work:

FnC 7,8

CM 7,9,10


Paranoid Android


I've put the 200MB TPT onto the phone and used ADB to flash CWM 5.

When flashing I've wiped pretty much everything and rebooted recovery before trying but all I get is the green android which I'm preety fed up of seeing :P

Am I an idiot? Have I missed a step? Any suggestions?

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Mines doing that now as well.

1) Got the phone and removed the network lock

2) Installed CM9

3) Installed CM10

4) Installed CM7

5) Used CM7 for a week

6) Did a nandroid backup

7) Now phone won't boot!

8) Reflashed CM7 ROM and now hangs at Android logo.

Any tips?

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