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Best stable rom for san fransisco?

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I have a gen 2 Orange san fransisco that I have installed swedish Snow on following instructions found on this forum. It works fine, but I was wondering if anyone can advise me if there is a more recent rom that is stable that I can upload to my phone

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Eco CM9 is the most functional 4.x rom for our blade, otherwise go with CM7.2 :)

deprecated, cm10 by konstat is working charms now with the latest 27.12 rls

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Here is my cut (after 2 yrs of Blade ownership and extensive professional & personal usage):

- Best ROM you can get today is the latest CM7 version.

Reasons for not choosing another:

- Swedish Snow and other 2.3.x ROMS are fabulous but devs moved over to ICS/JB, the only reliable and up2date 2.3.x stream is CM7

- ICS/JB have and will have for some time the following drawbacks on the Blade:

---------- Obvious immaturity (they will get better in time, no doubt)

---------- Are heavier on resources than 2.3.x. The user experience is/will be less than pleasing :(

---------- Our Blades are already exploited to the max of their ageing CPU, let's be realistic things will not get spectacularly better

If you want to have a pleasing and robust experience - rock stable for the following:

phone calls, light internet browsing, social media, stellar GPS navigation, excellent mp3 playback...

... then go with the CM7: BEST OPTION, FULL STOP !

Don't get me wrong: I love JB 4.2.1, but for that I use my Galaxy Nexus, 4.2.1 is built around this kind of hardware spec, every down port is poised for troubles.

All my respect for the devs stretching the limits of this adorable machine (I remeber the days of 2.1 ONLY Roms for the Blades, sad days...)

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i also am using Blade from about to years now ... cm7 is old if you ask me ... the best so far is eco cm 9 for daily use ... a few bug bug user experience is great and smooth , no other 4.x.x compares with eco cm9

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