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do you like ics style on your liquidmt?

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just for fun...

its not like having real ics on your phone ( :( ), but if you like the theme waiting for the real one... :D

here are my screens:


i have installed CM 7

* ics style https://play.google....sonny.theme.ics

* holo launcher

* lockscreen from the stock cm7 in ics style (holo locker seems to have problems on my liquid, like unlocking the phone without sim code when i start it and other bugs...)

* ...

here is a list of holo themed apps!


if you like also messages there is an app not listed above...


hope it helps!

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Why don't u put it together and make a rom a out of it??

Won't it be less tiresome for everybody :)

PS a jellybean themed rom would be even better ;)

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