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Jellybean Porting Thread

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This thread is to assist porting of Android 4.1 (Jellybean) to ICS devices

A good base ROM for porting: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1737849

Ramdisk diff

This is a diff file for the Jellybean ramdisk from ICS. This is from the galaxy nexus and will have to be changed for your specific device. Some notes that are not shown in the diff are that /sbin/adbd and init changed -- These are both binaries so they need to be manually taken from the jb ramdisk.


Files changed in /system/

This is a list of files that have changed in JB... Please check /vendor/{device vendor}/{device name}/ and /device/{device vendor}/{device name}/ in the CM source to make sure they don't overlap... If any do, just keep your cm9 versions.

/system/app/ - Basically every apk, don't even bother copying individual changed files


adb.p dumpsys.p mksh.p sdptool.p

applypatch.p fsck_msdos.p mtpd.p sensorservice.p

app_process.p gzip.p ndc.p servicemanager.p

bluetoothd.p hciattach.p netcfg.p service.p

bootanimation.p hostapd.p netd.p setup_fs.p

brcm_patchram_plus.p installd.p pand.p smc_pa_ctrl.p

bugreport.p ip6tables.p ping.p surfaceflinger.p

dalvikvm.p ip.p pppd.p system_server.p

dbus-daemon.p iptables.p racoon.p tc.p

debuggerd.p keystore.p rild.p tf_daemon.p

dexopt.p linker.p run-as.p toolbox.p

dhcpcd.p logcat.p schedtest.p vdc.p

dnsmasq.p logwrapper.p screencap.p vold.p

drmserver.p make_ext4fs.p screenshot.p wpa_supplicant.p

dumpstate.p mediaserver.p sdcard.p


atrace content e2fsck mdnsd requestsync uiautomator


dexdump.p/system/etc/apns-conf.xml.p fallback_fonts.xml.p permissions

audio_effects.conf.p gps.conf.p ppp

dhcpcd media_profiles.xml.p security

event-log-tags.p NOTICE.html.gz.p system_fonts.xml.p


audio_policy.conf media_codecs.xml security

fallback_fonts-ja.xml preferred-apps

/system/media/ & /system/fonts/ - Just take it all from jb as pretty much none is device specific.

/system/framework/ - Everything

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there is another problem... jb has a different system partition layout

can you make a bootable kernel with this changes? if you can i will port the n1 or the desire jb or miui 4.1 rom and debug them

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