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Friend been sold the wrong phone - EE won't exchange

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A friend of mine went into one an EE store looking to upgrade her Android phone. She was (mis-)sold a Windows Phone, which is no use to her - she obviously can't run all of her paid-for apps, and it's a totally different ecosystem. She uses Gmail and other Google stuff so Windows Phone is just not suited to her.

She's taken the phone back to the store but was told it can't be changed - despite being just a few days since she bought it.

This is dreadful customer service - both from the salesman who sold her the phone in the first place, and from the company afterward. She is not tech-savvy, so basically you guys have preyed on her to sell her two phones (one for her and one for her husband, each with 2 year contracts) that she doesn't want and that doesn't do what she needs.

She's been told to write to head office in the hope of something being done, but this seems crazy.

I've contacted EE about this via Facebook and they say there's nothing they can do because the stores are franchise shops and so they have nothing to do with them. i.e, they've just brushed their hands of it.

Any other suggestions of what to do?

She could sell the phones (HTC 8s) and buy an android phone instead, but it seems like she'd just be throwing money away.

Simple message is - steer clear of EE stores.

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It was a shame that this hadn't been purchased online as your friend would have had some comeback. It seems you may have to rely on some goodwill from EE and contacting them directly advising that you wish to stay with EE but would like an Android phone and not the mis-sold Windows phone, that as well as considering contacting Oftel

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