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Help with my Friday evening TMV

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Basically I've had nothing but trouble with my dud phone, first it had a power socket issue where it had to be sent for repair as the connector was duff. Since I got it back I had to re-root it and unlock it all over again.

So anyway, I just bought the £10 goodybag from Giffgaff 1gb internet. Flipped the sim in disabled wireless and enabled data. Result? No internet :( Tried the same SIM and settings in my other phone, a Huawei G300 and bingo, internet works straight away. Argh I'm f'ing and blinding at this point.

Going to try another ROM I figure.... Although It's currently on R1 debranded stock which worked with data before it went in for repair. So I try and boot into recovery, and another f'ing and blinding moment. No CWM! FTM...........This is getting riduclous, could'nt have loaded the debranded stock without CWM why FTM is back god only knows.

Now tried to reinstall CWM, ZTE drivers installed ok and now I'm getting stuck at waiting for device....


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