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Exchange Set up Orange San Diego. - Still ongoing help pls!!

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Its got me demented. Can anyone help.

Its running ICS with the latest updates on Orange.

I cant get the native web client working - keeps coming up with "couldn't open connection to server " while setting up email

I have tried IP address and the OWA address. mycompany.co.uk

username is domain\username

I have deleted my account and reinstalled it on my Defy no issues. I can also install it on the Orange webmail client that they give a free trial with. I would consider this, but you cant move mail around different folders.

Is it worth trying the XOLO software, and can I reinstall Orange crapware if I want to return it?

many thanks in advance...

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Sync keeps going on and off. Its happening with Gmail and Exchange with both internet and Wifi connections. Internet works fine on both.

If I sync manually from the accounts section and chose to sync emails only it works 1st time on both accounts . I then need to pop across to the email client to read them...

Any ideas??

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This is winding me up

I have tried swapping to Xolo software. Same result.

Its actually when i reboot it taking an amount of time before it starts working correctly. After this it works fine.... Its seems to take about 30 minutes for its 1st sync...

Anyone any ideas?

Can anyone point me in the direct of the orange ICS software?

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