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"Seeder" - entropy generator app - It maks yor fon kwikka

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Anyone else come across this?


Really interesting app idea that, basically, speeds up the process of feeding apps random data, reduing the number of lags in starting up new processes. That's probably a very poor paraphrase of what this thing does - check the above linky for a clearer account from the developer - but the crux of the matter is that it appears to speed up opening and functioning of apps. So maybe it maks yor fon kwikka.

Interesting idea - it gets rave reviews. I've only just started using it (and tbh I doubt I'll be able to notice any difference on my largely lag-free Nexus 4) but I thought you might be interested...

It's available on the Play store for a quid or as an apk (presumably not supported) through xda developers

Those with older hardware report that it's well worth a pound for the speed boost they've got (developer says there may be some trade off in battery consumption due to the seeding process waking your phone every second, but that's to be confirmed. Also a hypothetical security risk - read his post.

From the discussion on XDA it seems the jury's out in terms of the degree of benefit, but some (esp those with older, more lag-prone devices) are reporting big gains. I'll stick it on my old Xperia Ray (now my wife's) tonight and see what happens

EDIT - just noticed, someone else has posted in the huawei G300 forum about this same app - check it out... http://www.modaco.co...-lag-reduction/

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There's quite a bit of discussion about this here - http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/15w1qi/fix_90_of_lags_in_android_needs_root/ - some interesting stuff, including reports of Dalvik engineers opinion (not impressed). I tried it and noticed a decrease in performance myself.

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