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How (y)our device is listed in the Playstore?

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Today i saw that my Acer S500 is named in the Playstore> Orange Acer S500. No surprise because it's branded by my carrier> Orange.

But another guy in my country says his unlocked Acer S500 is named Digi Acer S500- Digi being another carrier.

Because Digi didn't have anything to do with the phone besides providing the SIM i concluded that the Device name probably changes by what carrier you hook it up to.

I know we can change the device name (that is registered by the Playstore) can be edited easily with Build Prop editor from.. the build prop file (Root needed).

My concern is that i found a couple of apps that are "not compatible" with my Acer S500 because the S500 was not added to the compatible list or worse the "Orange Acer S500" was not added.

So how's you Acer S500 named on the playstore. (My devices section) ??

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NOM (name) : Appareil sans nom (device without name)

MODELE (model) : S500

All is Okay for me with these parameters

You can edit it & change name > check "modidy" in the right of screen to edit device name

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My device is listed as Acer S500 too. (orange romania)

can someone to instal brothers in arms from play store? I get the message "your device is not compatible" ? same my brother , same rom , orange ro

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