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installing windows..

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No, they use different architectures, windows is intel x86 and most android phones are arm based.

You can run older windows versions (up to xp) with an emulator, in fact win95 runs pretty well on a dos emulator. Have a scan through this xda thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1459153 it will tell you how to do it and has all the tools you need.

Windows xp ran really slow when i tried it though, very long bootup time and bits of it didnt work very well when it did eventually boot, but this could have just been an incompatability issue with my phone or me not configuring the emulator properly. Win95 ran really well, pity its not much use for anything really, although its really cool seeing and using a desktop os running on a tiny handheld device. You can also run linux with it, which is pretty cool.

Not sure if the zte blade will run everything smoothly, but youl have fun finding out.

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