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Confused, yip i sure am, HELP!!

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Hi Guys, not posted for a while as all was well with my G300, have been running B888 since May with no issues.

Recently the phone started acting strange and usually a re install of B888 fixed it, but today i decided to update to ICS.

I followed the instructions and have now got B952 up and running, however it seems like its a generic ICS, thankfully no Voda stuff, but unfortunatley no Huawei stuff either. I love the Weather Wiget for example.

Also the back up feature that was working on B888 does not work in B952, so i have to manually re install all my contacts.

So is there a way to get the Huawei stuff on? previously there was a vendor folder included, but this didnt have one.

Well TIA for any advice.


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You need to drop the allbackup.apk in:


And reboot. Then allbackup will be installed on your phone.

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