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dr del

Orange stock rom video problems

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I'm having real trouble playing videos on my orange monte carlo using the orange rom it came with.

I have tried MX Player and mobo player - but none of them will let me choose hardware decoding as suggested in other threads.

The phone is rooted and has a sandisk 32g HD1 (clas 10 ) micro sd card in it to store the files. I am using link2sd to get some space and wondered if that could be a possible problem.

I can get some old avi files to play perfectly but others are slow on the video using the SW decoder - if I try and use HD or HDW+ it simply tells me the file cannot be played in that mode.

Is there a problem wih the orange rom, the players or is it simply the files?

I'm not trying to watch 720p or anything - just 480's. :(


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The highest resolution that works with Hardware decoder is the resolution of the display (800*480)

Anything above that (most 480p videos are either higher of wider)won't work. 360p should work fine

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