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Gingerbread 2.3.7 on the Ascend G300?

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Hello there everyone.

I'm the (relatively) happy owner of a Huawei Ascend G300, but I just can't find a ROM that works for me. I've tried CM9 and I found it a battery hog, Infusion was better, but I couldn't customise it the way I wanted. I tried every which way to change Nova launcher to the stock one even following the instructions that people have posted and I just can't see where to switch them. In fact the Nova Launcher icon in the app drawer does nothing Other than that it wasn't so bad. Lastly I tried Stock+ and it just decided to reboot whenever it felt like it. So I tried doing a factory erase (after backing up) and then put back all the apps removed including No-Frills CPU Control. BAD idea.

When I tried to change the settings there (min 300 or 320, max 1.152, smartassV2, sio) and apply them at boot, it crashed. It would then reboot, but eventually crash again before I could do anything. Please note that I have done CLEAN installs on all of these using CWM Now I either have to decide to reflash it with stock ICS (have been to GB, but is kinda long-winded) or try something else. My phone must just be an awkward one (I have a not very responsive touchscreen too [especially the back button] which I'd like to improve on). While this is my first custom ROM adventure, I do have two other android phones, being the Alcatel OT-983 (great for the price, but no Adobe Flash support which is why I have the G300 now) and the MomoDesign MD Smart made by ZTE (not very powerful, but cute and small which I originally wanted).

I LOVE the version of Gingerbread on the Alcatel (2.3.7) and would so love it on the G300 (along with the boot animation from Stock+ as a live wallpaper!). If I can't get any of these custom ROMs to work for me (stock ones work but a sluggish and I don't use a lot of apps either, I only added around 4 from Google Play after removing stuff from stock), how difficult would it be to port an android version from another phone? Are they universal? I love how smooth and stable it is and there's a ringtone on there I like I can't find anywhere else. The phone is currently on O2 so has the usual "bloatware", but it's so stable that I think it would be perfect on the G300. Where would I need to start to get it on there?

Thanks for any advice.

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Yeah, I've heard about CM7, but I'm a little wary of trying another CM version. I would prefer a stock ROM if possible. There must be a fairly easy way, so I'm going to keep searching. I may try it someday...

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Ain't gonna happen. No-one in their right mind is going to invest the huge amount of time and effort it would take to bring this phone back to the stone age.

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