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UG007 Latest Android 4.1.1 OS RK3066 Dual Core + Bluetooth

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anyone got one of these, see it's currently $55 with free shipping on ali express

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Ive got one, using it for xbmc and really happy with it, a few nags are ip address changing with each reboot and although flash is installed it doesnt seem to work. I emailed ugoos asking for a fix a few weeks ago and recieved an update.zip this morning, dont want to install it though incase its not an improvement, would appreciate if anyone else has tried this update to let me know is it better firmware than what im running.

Build number RK30_ANDROID4.1.1-SDK-v1.00.1015 rk30sdk-eng 4.1.1 JRO03H eng.ant.20121108.175527 test-keys

think the update build number is

autogenerated by buildinfo.sh


ro.build.display.id=rk30sdk-eng 4.1.1 JRO03H eng.ant.20121219.150411 test-keys

ro.build.version.incremental=eng.ant.20121219.1504 11




ro.build.date=2012年 12月 19日 星期三 15:06:19 CST



this is the update incase someone wants it http://www.putlocker.com/file/1FBC49B46B5A251F

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