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wifi tethering

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- wifi thethering - had to install wifi thethering from market - there is no option in the settings for wifi.

Hello there,

I've installed ROM 4.2 thanks to all the information and work from this forum and its users!! Cheers!

Now I have a small problem... and just hope you can help.

Last night I tried to tether via wifi from ZTE V9 tablet to an Android phone (huawey Y100 GBread 2.3) through wifi thethering for root users but was unable to find the "network" in the phone. In a PC and in a windows mobile 6.1 (yes they still exist!!!) the network is perfectly visible.

I didn't knew this was a problem as with the original 2.2 rom the wifi tethering hotspot ap was "native" in the system and it worked flawlessly.

Is there any way to share my internet with an android phone? Yesterday I downloaded and installed all free wifi tethering programs in google play but was unable to solve this... Help needed!

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