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Orange Quick Tap - Does it work? No!

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Had a search on the board and not found any results, so I'm posting what I've found.

As I'm still running the Orange ICS rom, I rang CS to get a hold of a quick tap sim to use the Orange Wallet. After spending an hour on the phone I finally got through to someone who knew what one was and set about trying to order one. The CS person quickly realised the OSD isn't on the QuickTap device list, but as the phone has the app installed he went ahead and ordered a sim anyway. Looks like they have to specify the device on the order page, so he just said he's ordering for a SGS3 in case any literature sent with the SIM states this.

Received the SIM yesterday, swapped over to it today and fired up the Orange wallet app. It now loads up... looking good!

Then it moves onto "Loading Services", where you have to use the Orange network and not wifi... No Services found. So looks like Orange Wallet is a no-go after all. Was one of the only reasons I stayed on the Orange rom to try it out.

As for the SIM itself, it has the Contactless logo on it, and the chip covers pretty much the entire surface of the Micro-Sim - no chance of cutting it down to a Nano-Sim for instance. Going to try and load the Barclaycard app for XDA-Devs onto the device when I get chance and see if that works.

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The actual payment system does use NFC, but in order to use the app to do so, you require a special SIM card. It's more secure than a standard SIM - it must have been specified by the bank who's partnered with Orange. It's not a part of the NFC method, but the security system.

Anyway, I've loaded on the Barclaycard App (Which is what the Orange Wallet app is supposed to download), and when I fire that up it's giving me a similar error: "SIM Error: Your SIM doesn't support this app" - that's with the special QuickTap SIM too. Looks like the actual phone is missing something which is used in the process.

Which begs the question... why on earth is the Orange Wallet app included?!

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