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Home screen locked - please help!

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Ok, so I had a busted board, and I found at some dude's repair shop, a working logic board (mainboard) for this phone. and I was soooo happy when I replaced everything and when it turned on, just to see home screen locked :(

But that is far from over, troubles JUST began!

G300 seems to be the FIRST phone ever, to disable recovery buttons when home screen is locked. If I enter recovery, I am not able to move up/down via volume buttons.

And then - no bootloader. I was actually trying to see if maybe recovery is faulty but there is no bootloader. UP + POWER goes straight to recovery, and "adb reboot bootloader" just boots the phone without bootloader.

So, I tried to force "wipe data" through Shell command:

recovery --wipe_data

but it says: recovery command denied.

Then, I tried to connect it via HISUITE, which is telling me that USB debugging is disabled on the device, so I cant connect it to HISUITE. really dumb situation, I cant believe that im stuck like this, just because of damn lock screen.

I am not able to reach previous owner of the phone from which I took the Mainboard to ask him for the unlock code. Dude that sold me the board doesnt even know where and when he got it.

PLEASE tell me that I can get out of this. Please tell me that there is some kind of complete flash tool for this phone.

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You could try putting an official update.app into dload folder on the SD card and performing a forced update by vol+ and vol- and power

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That's how it's done then .. ? I really hope this will work, im downloading it now.

so, for forced update, im going with BOTH volume buttons and power .. ?

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Unfortunately, it wont update.

it starts with little green android with the "update box" on his head

box turns into a triangle with exclamation

goes into recovery with no volume control.


anyone with some other idea ... ?

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