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Full backup before upgrade

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Hi guys :)

I've got a Blade, I think it's Gen 2 but would need to check. I've got Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 on it at the moment, but am having some minor problems. It will only recognise 2GB and under cards, pressing the dial button to a call starting can take 30 seconds or more, and the phone seems sluggish. Also, I get errors telling me there's not enough space for text messages, no matter how much free space there is.

I've got a feeling that something went wrong during the ROM installation, as my wife's Blade has the same software and runs fine. As a result, I want to completely wipe the phone and reinstall the ROM.

I've got most things backed up, but how do I backup anything stored on the phone itself, like SMS messages?

Thanks for any help :)

Sorry, quick edit for myself. It's a Gen 1 phone :)

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