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how long does it take for you battery to charge from flat?

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It will take longer if in use at the same time. Not really paid attention to how long it takes to charge though and it doesn't keep that info on battery screen, usually charge overnight

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the plug it in came with..

I've just had a look at the supplied plug and it's rated @ 1A which should be more than adequate. USB ports for instance are rated @ 500MA which is half and that is shared between all devices on that particular bus, my Kindle charger is rated @ 850MA and is very quick. I suspect your charger is a bit dodgy, try your PC or a different charger(you can buy them for a quid or two from the Asda).

You can't use one that's too big by the way since the phone has a maximum draw for power, however you can't use an underpowered one on a tablet for instance, it'll either just not charge or you'll kill the charger itself.

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