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Script v6 supercharger and 512 HP settings

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Hi guys!

Which option you have chosen on 512 HP settings of the script: "multitasking", "balanced" or "aggressive"? I tried to use "aggressive" (SuperUl) for a while because I wanted more free ram but my device became a bit laggy.. it's strange because I thought more free ram=less lag and more smooth. Maybe it's happened because when apps are forced to kill the system become more laggy? In fact, I noticed that if I try to kill an app manually, the system become less smooth with lags for several seconds... Is it normal? Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my bad english :)

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The reason there are different settings for the supercharger script (and similar software; most notably the AutoKiller Memory Optimizer) is that each firmware on each phone has a balance point at which the system has enough RAM for running new applications and old ones increasing their cache and still have enough RAM left free in order everything to run smoothly. Other things greatly contribute to either high or low performance, most notably some particular background services, schedulers, CPU clock speed/governors. You should try removing bloatware and install an autorun manager, also, try changing the VM heap size.

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