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No signal after flashing new rom (ZTE/Blade Orange San Francisco)

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Hello everyone:

I have a zte orange San Francisco.

Originally gen1.

Following the posts online, first I updated it to gen2 using "gen1-to-gen2-TPT-v10-custom.zip" and then I installed Swidish_Spring_RLS5.zip.

The phone does everything fine and it looks fine. All the apps could be installed and configured.


I don't have a GSM signal, in reality it doesn't read the SIM card, and every action that I want to do that involves the SIM card, it gives me en error and it doesn't let me click it. Ex: show SIM contacts, retrieve/ introduce to/from SIM. It stays in airplane mode and it doesn't come out of that. The IMEI that's behind the battery is the same one that I get with

*#06# and *#*#4636#*#*

I also tried it with the rom "CyanogenMod 7 with android 2.3.7" and I'm getting the same results.

Can someone help me???

Thank you in advance.

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Both these rom's have a gen1 double.

Swedish spring has a seperate zip for both gen1/gen2.

CyanogenMod "I think " after 7.2 is gen2 only , but I could be wrong.

Are you sure you flashed the proper Gen 2 zips as this could cause signal failure.

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well, i followed this post step by step


i flashed update-cm-7.1.0-Blade-signed.zip & Swedish_Spring_RLS5.zip - MD5: c801fdad511944c9cee7139e866e160c

could you please "see" if i flashed the proper Gen 2 ?

what can i do ?

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Yes it looks like you have tried to install gen1 rom's on a gen2 device.

If you want to try CyanogenMod 7 the easiest way to do it would be to download Rom Manager from Google play and install it from there.

As for Swedish Spring I do have both zips on my P.C ,but I never labeled them correctly so I am unnsure which is gen1/gen2.

I wouldn't bother installing it anyway as it's very old now and there are better alternatives like Swedish Snow RLS7.

Here is a few links to try, I know the link for Swedish Snow still works but unsure about CyanogenMod7 , if not use rom manager.


[ROM][GEN2] Swedish Snow RLS7 (Android 2.3.5)


Both rom's are gen2.

Its also worth trying the ZTE blade rom page on this forum as you will find a lot more modern rom's and nearly all are gen2.

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