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Nokia N8 Rogue Anti Theft App

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Hey there,

I've recently unlocked my Nokia N8, or, according to the software I used, the phone was already unlocked. I am in the process of activating a new GiffGaff sim and so I popped it in to see if the process was finished yet.

Now, general GG issues aside, whenever that sim card is in the phone and I leave it idling for 5 minutes or so the standard Nokia keypad lock (not a code lock) is activated as has always happened. But now on coming back to use the phone I'm greeted with an 'ANTI THEFT' app which requires a code to access the phone. Codes attempted so far are 1111,1234, 0000. After 3 attempts the the phone locks itself for 5 minutes.

I can hard shut down the phone by holding the on/off switch. On turning back on the phone a 'System Error' message appears, but I can 'OK' that and continue to use the phone as normal until the next idling moment.

The 'ANTI THEFT' software does not appear at all, and I didn't think anything of the like was installed, when swapping back to the Vodafone sim. I've connected the phone to my PC and trawled the memories manually but can't find anything particular which would lead me to getting rid of the little bugger.

Any help about what's going on and how to solve it would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Just for more information:

I can switch from the V sim card to the GG sim card while the phone stays on and have no problems at all arise. As soon as I switch off and back on again > idle> boom anti theft is back!

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