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My voicemail isn't working on vodafone. Please help.

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Hi guys I bought a g300 a while back and it wasn't till the other day when my friend tried calling me that I found out I don't have a voicemail function activated.

When someone calls me it just rings for like 30 seconds and then suddenly hangs up with no leave a message option.

I recently updated to infusion B6 and everything is running fine but I can't figure out how to enable my voicemail.

I followed these steps but it still doesn't work.

1. Went to settings then to voicemail settings where it tells you to enter a number. I entered my mobile number for example 07123456789 then pressed enter.

2. Tried ringing the phone but no option still.

3. Went into settings then call forwarding and found out all my options are disabled so I tried to enable the forward when unreachable option by entering the same mobile number as above "for example 07123456789" however when I press enter it just says unexpected response from network...

Is there something wrong with my phone?

I have updated to infusion B6 but I have not unlocked my phone service provider so I am still using vodafone as my service provider.

Can anyone help?

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Dial 191 and ask the nice Vodafone customer service rep to switch your voicemail back on. Or you can do it yourself by dialling 121 and going through the menus.

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