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anyone done a MCR an MCMCR comparison?

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as the title. ive been usig MCR's for ages and was thinkning about the new MCMCRs and how they compare to each other. particularly if a full wipe is needed i really dont want to do on a whim.

so whos used them both and how do you think they compare to use day to day?

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You could always do a nand and then flash MCMCR over the top. I did without any problems. MCR definitely more stable. Had the occasional force close on MCMCR. Have been wondering if its due to flashing over the top of MCR. Today I did a clean flash on my Nexus 7 and plan to do my GNex tonight or tomorrow.

On my Nexus 7 it is definitely more responsive with a clean flash and so far no FC's.

MCMCR is definitely good to go as a daily driver. With all the extra settings though it does make it easier to balls something up yourself. Wondering if thats why I had the problems also as I never had any to start with.

Speed on N7 with clean flash is excellent. Speed on GNex is acceptable but I expect it to improve with a clean flash as per the N7.

Definitely worth a try. If you don't like it you can always go back to MCR.


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