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Anyone tried to backup/restore SMSes on JB firmware?

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Does anyone have problems with backing up or restoring their SMS?

I had to factory reset my phone, which wiped my SMSes. Luckily, most of my messages were still on my old phone.

I tried to transfer my SMSes from my old phone (HTC Desire Z) to my Padfone 2 using a few apps, but none of them work properly. They either restore only some messages, or just crash. Restoring on my old phone works 100%, so I don't think it's a corrupted file problem.

Funny thing is, the app I was using worked perfectly when my Padfone 2 was running the ICS stock firmware, before I updated to JB.

Quite irritating.


SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup+


Titanium Backup (using their XML backup method)

UPDATE 2013-03-11: Latest version of SMS Backup and Restore has introduced an 'Alternate Restore' function that successfully restores all messages. Timestamps are messed up, though; the dev is working on it.

Also, from talking to Titanium Track, TiBu's XML restore fails because the Padfone 2 runs out of RAM. Imagine that; a phone with 2GB of RAM running out! Must be a bug in the firmware causing a memory leak. They've stopped responding to my emails, so I assume they won't/can't fix it.

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I don't use Titanium Backup, because I'm not rooted, since rooting has not so many benefits as yet (no Nandroid, no custom ROMs, no un-rooting method so you permanently void your warranty, etc.).

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