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G300 as Boot device for external host

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Anyone tried booting a PC from the SD card on the G300 when connected as a drive? Seems it is possible on Androids - see http://let-the-reader-understand.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/how-to-use-your-android-phone-as-linux.html (How to use your Android phone as a Linux live USB stick)

Just wondering if anyone has tried it and with what ROMS did it wok (or not).

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Hi Hogweed,

Sure! Read this: http://softwarebakery.com/ and install DriveDroid in your Modible.

I do some (internal) patches to Cyanogenmod in our device to support this tool (mainly "/cust" partition support, "autorun.iso" support and full USB autorun mode [init.huawei.usb.rc]), and it works like a charm.

Perhaps, if the great Mr. Dazzozo developer rectifies and don't call me a "clown", I'll publish the patches (see: http://www.modaco.co...00#entry2087118).

No one likes to contribute if others don't appreciate the effort! :angry:

After a Galaxy Spica, Galaxy Ace, Huawei u8650, ZTE Skate and now a G300, I found the scene of this device the less politely.... with difference! :(

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