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Negative Battery temperatures

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Hi guys,

does anyone ever had the problem, that the phones show negative temperatures for the battery?

I am getting temperatures of -10 degrees C, while it should be something around 25!!!

The point is: I think the battery does not get charged at below 0 degrees C!

So basically I cannot charge my battery.

I installed some battery trainer (but I haven't used it!), and after that I had the issues (maybee it has nothing to do with that...)

Now I wiped everything, installed a new ROM, but the problem still persits, so either that battery trainer had a very intelligent virus, or something there is broken.

I even thought, that I saw temperatures of -1 degree yesterday, and now it went further down to -10, so something is fading away. (I just had a look again, it's now at -13!)

HELP! I cannot charge my phone anymore!!!

(I already cleaned the contacts inside the phone. - Next thing I want to do is put a piece of tape on the middle pin of the battery to check what the phone does with no sensor at all....)

... Damn! The phone was so nice, and now I might have to throw it away. :-(

Please if anyone has an idea, post an answer.


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Never come across this before but have you tried whipping everything including the battery stats in advanced settings CWM depending on what version of CWM you have definitely in versions 4&5.

If not maybe a new battery is needed. I certainly don't think the phones broken.

Also format the system in mounts and storage.

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O.K. so when I put a piece of paper in front of the middle pin of the battery, my battery temperatures go down to -40 degrees, so that doesn't help...

I will try to get a new battery and hope that everything is fine by then.

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