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[Request] ICS original recovery image

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Hi, I need to take my phone to warranty.

I have restored my original vodafone firmware nandroid backup.

Now I need to put the original recovery and unroot.

Can anyone please share the original ICS recovery?

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just download b936 or b952 update by vodafone (depending on what version you have now), paste them to your external SD card in the "dload" folder, then go to settings-> storage-> software upgrade.

This will lock your bootloader, restore previous recovery and unroot you.

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Any use?

Hey guys, this is my real first post here so let me spend a few words... I got this G300 off ebay at a very reasonable price and after a few weeks I'm pretty satisfied... after the first boot there was a new firmware upgrade available through OTA and I did it... now I have ICS 4.0.3 Baseband 2030 Build number U8815V100R001C02B952, Vodafone branded (i'm from Italy)

I spent the last few days lurking on this forum, reading guides and posts... I'm familiar with rooting and unlocking on other Android devices so after reading the guides I have no problems about that, but I still have some questions (I don't want to try custom firmwares until I'm familiar with this device too!)...

1) I found several links on the forum pointing to a Huawei "generic firmware"... is that a no-brand version of the firmware? I can flash it on my device?


EDIT: the answer is YES, the General Version B952 it's a no-brand rom, just plain ICS. It's so clean that you will even lose some of the Huawei stuff, like the toggles and the FM Radio. The stuff it's still on the ROM, you have to flash a vendor file from a previous version to enable it, or just install a replacement app from Play Store.

And YES, it can be flashed OVER the Vodafone B952 (i did it a couple days ago!)

2) I can't find a Vodafone B952 stock firmware anywhere... If I ever need to get back to my Vodafone stock the only way would be downgrading to GB and then upgrade all the way to ICS? (like explained here http://www.modaco.co...ly-working-110/)

EDIT: there's no Vodafone B952 stock rom available at the moment, so the only way to go back to Vodafone stock would be downgrading to GB and then upgrade to ICS via OTA.

Well... that's all!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! :)



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Golteanu, that seems to be the real problem here... do you have a link for b952 Vodafone stock rom? If so, please share it!

Will give you a link tonight, I'm at work now and don't have Google Drive, I'll have to upload it tonight and post the link here.

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