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HTC warranty woes

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Had my One X for about 9 months now, dropped it a while back which cracked the corner of the screen. Nothing so serious that I cant use it. Over the past 2 months it has developed the dreaded WiFi issue where it connects if youre next to the router but as soon as you go out the room it either drops out or goes to the dot at the bottom of the signal indicator, give it a squeeze in the right place and it goes full strength.

Got fed up with it so sent it for repair at P4U. Got a call saying it couldnt be fixed without repairing the screen first as it renders it out of warranty and at a cost for £59.99 plus VAT. I contacted HTC and they said the same, cracked screen = no warranty. If I want to get it fixed I have no choice.

Im disappointed with HTC as the phone gets red hot, the battery is rubbish with light use plus it has the WiFi issue that they have acknowledged is a fault with some phones.

Doubt I'll bother with HTC again as they just dont seem bothered about customer service.

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