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MAC address changes after each reboot on Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 DUO

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Hi all,

Just recently I bought Prestigio model from the title. The phone is really nice but I have a strange problem with it.

After each reboot phone's MAC address changes (first 6 digits are always the same, last 6 digits change - I would say randomly) which is quite annoying if your home WIFI router filters devices by MAC address (as mine does).

Did anyone ever encounter similar problem on any other device? I'm quite sure that MAC address should be unique and constant for each piece of network related hardware.

BTW, the phone is on factory OS (ICS 4.0.4), not rooted or anything else, I just did one firmware upgrade which was available immediately when I turned on the phone.

Thanks in advance,



Update: Prestigio tech support responded to my question with "yes, this is a known issue, it will be fixed in next firmware upgrade" .. fair enough, at least they replied fast, and I can wait for the update, the issue is not critical, just annoying.

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