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[HELP] cm7.2 + s2e

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i followed these step:

In a brief,

  • Install Cyanogenmod 7.2
  • Install root uninstall and remove unwanted applications
  • Install S2E and Swapper for additional performance improvements

after setting s2e, i reboot the phone, i reinstall all my apk+data by titanium backup, and after 20 apk (more or less) the phone says “low space disk”. and then what i must do??

s2e isn't like link2sd that brings apps to the external partition automatically?



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Did you actually "use" the app or did you just install it and expect it to run scripts automatically? If not and since you're asking for [HELP], do this.

1.) Acquire root access

2.) Install CWM Recovery

I recommend this by KonstaT:






3.) Boot your phone to recovery mode by

a) Reboot to recovery option via power button

B) Turn off phone, press POWER button and DOWN (-) VOLUME key


using the volume keys and home button:

advanced>partition sdcard>"recommend a size not more than half the size of your SD card">"0M for disk space and durability, 32M for performance but higher wear and tear

(takes up 32M disk space)"

mounts and storage>format (/boot,/cache,/data,/sdcard,/system,/sd-ext) "basically format everything

mounts and storage>mount USB storage "connect your blade to a PC and copy the CM7.2 and Gapps ZIP files back to the SDcard"

(optional) advanced>reboot recovery

5.) Installation

install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard>"choose the CM7.2 first, THEN Gapps"


reboot system now

6.) After the account setup at first boot, install S2E

the boxes are grayed out yet so go to Settings and check "Mount as ext4 and Set read buffer (optional but works like the '32M swap')


7.) Open the app again and check the all the boxes.

a.) Reboot. After startup a message with a loading circle will show saying "Android is Upgrading" it's normal because android is rebuilding the dalvik cache on your new /sd-ext partition

b.) Reboot to recovery. advanced>wipe dalvik cache. mounts and storage>format /cache. reboot system now. (for peace of mind) the "Android is Upgrading" message will still show and is normal

8.) (peace of mind) REBOOT!

man do I have OCD or what?

anyway, you're welcome. ;)

Source(s): In the meantime, my brain. ^_^

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