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Dead blade battery and possible other problems?

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I usually leave my blade charging over night and this morning i picked it up and it was incredibly hot. I took out the battery and it was swollen. I've had it for almost 2 years and the battery was fine up until last night. Anyway, I plugged the charger in and the blade started up without the battery, everything seems normal, it connects to the network, wifi works, etc, but everytime I try to make a call, or if I recieve a call it reboots. I'm not sure if it's normal because it's not getting enough power without the battery, or if the radios inside were damaged somehow. I bought 2 batteries online (they're cheap! 3E a piece) But i'm really worried the phone was damaged when the battery went nuts last night. I should get the replacement batteries in 2 days max. and I'll know for sure then, but until then, anybody have any thoughts? Have you tried calling with the blade without the battery in, only with the charger?


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My Blade's battery died recently. When I took the old battery out and put the Blade on charger, it was able to boot but always rebooted as soon as it got to the lock screen. (Endless reboot loop.) Despite this everything works fine once it has the new battery in!

Since your behaves better on charger-only than mine, maybe it depends on the quality of the charger/cable unit? But seriously, if the old battery didn't 'leak' I'd think your Blade will be fine once you get your new batteries.

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