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What happened the SLIM ROM thread? Deleted?

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Has a moderator deleted the SLIM ROM thread, as I cant appear to find it. It was started by Tangerine Tractor.

SLIM ROM page v10


ROM-based Huawei B952, with very few applications installed without too many modifications to the system. It is smooth, very light and has no bugs. Characteristics : - There appears roaming R beside OMV coverage as Simyo or Pepephone, and you can use mobile data roaming unchecked. - Includes buttons in the bar notifications (to toggle wifi, bluetooth, gps, mobile data and screen rotation.) - The default storageis always external sd card (bug solved permanently.) - The GPS is optimized for use in Spain and Europe, with very rapid positioning fixation. - On the equalizer in the music application of Huawei (only works with headphones connected.) - Percentage of the battery in the status bar style CyanogenMod. - Video recording with 800x480 resolution. - Rooteada with SuperSU. - Disability camera sounds. - Disabled the warning going from wifi to data. Apps : - Huawei: launcher, file manager, music, radio, camera and buttons on the notification bar. - Android / Google : calculator, calendar, clock, contacts, keypad, news and weather, and Play Store browser. - Does not include Live Wallpapers or topics. installation instructions: A must be in ICS, with bootloader unlocked and have some recovery installed (as TWRP or CWM.) - Download the zip on the sd card. - Enter the recovery and do wipe data / factory reset. - Install the zip and reboot. If you upgrade from an earlier version of B952-slim wipes are not necessary, you can install rom directly above.LINK : http://www.solidfiles.com/d/f4a751c833/Added l ist of changes in the second post.

List v3 changes:

- Updated the Adreno libraries.

- cust not mount the partition as not needed. v4 List of changes: - default storage is the external SD card: bug finally solved! This is the first stock-based rom with this feature. - Disability camera sounds. - Disabled the warning going from wifi to data. - Improved audio quality on calls. v5 List of changes: - Thorough cleaning the rom, now weighs much less. - Fixed a small bug in the MTP related v4. v6 List of changes: - Fixed a small bug related to the ram v5. - Removed a related binary cust not need. v7 List of changes: - Added LiveWallpapersPicker for selection of wallpapers on the Huawei launcher. - Enabled the integrated equalizer in the music application of Huawei (only works with headphones connected.) - Reverse slight modification of the framework to prevent possible it may cause failures. v8 List of changes: - Removed build.prop three lines that have no effect on ICS. - Added several OMV to keep out roaming the R: Tuenti, Euskaltel, Telecable, Jazztel, and ONO (and possibly some more). v9 List of changes: - Changed the icon and battery percentage in the status bar (now CyanogenMod style.) - Added some tweaks, including improved volume on the ringer. - Added support for those who install init.d kernel Paul. - Rehabilitated cust partition that is not mounted from v3. - Updated Google applications from B960. - SuperSu updated to the latest version. - Cleaning and build.prop organization. v 10 List of changes: - Round the battery icon in the v8. - Reverted the v9 ​​tweaks. - Back to gapps of B952. .

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