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The shendu of the ROM from China

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ROM name depth OS

Android version 4.1.2

Depth of the version number osv4.1.2 130301

Fit models Huawei C8812, Huawei U8818, Huawei C8860e, Huawei U8860, LG P970, Samsung i9100

Published March 1, 2013

Download : http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=357384&uk=639952136

Repair: bookmarks and albums plug on the main screen overlap

Repair: desktop editing mode screen search button

Fix: the icon is still in some cases, desktop uninstall the software after

Fix: switch themes, desktop editing mode throw list

Fix: delete music, music player FC

Fix: SMS blasts around sliding contacts Caton

Fix: some cases using a Bluetooth Share contacts failed

Repair: leather theme contact numbers insufficiency

Fix: some cases, after the removal of the search box, still blank

Fix: enter the text messages instantly from the notification bar, SMS popup is blocked

Fix: SMS session the interface search with title Contact overlap

Fix: SMS favorite contacts excessive block the edit box

Fix: SMS send icon is blocked

Repair: continued to add part of the application of the Traditional Chinese language

Fix: some cases, hang up the phone automatically dialing exhaled

You can not switch back after repair: part of the application of horizontal screen

Fix: Some cases authorized management root privileges click option FC

Repair: abnormal operation, clock FC

Fix: SMS UI tweaks

Fix: edit mode style fine-tuning

Repair: the network is in poor state, OTA download error

Fix: into the after part of the app rename the folder to restore the default name

Repair: The part of the case, the some app application under, SMS pop causes the program to FC

CDMA fix: some cases connected to infinite vibration

Fix: dial-up case, Caller chance dialing collapse



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A nice dev release. I tested that few days ago. No FCs and pretty fluid.

Do you know when the new stable release is out?

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