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Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

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Whilst I am definitely not as techincally-able as many of the guys on here, I will definitely vouch for the quality of this version of HTC - well, I have the One XL

I've had it for approximately four months now and I haven't many bad words to say about it - the software is brilliant, the internet browsing is about as fast as I've ever seen on a mobile phone and the camera is, well, world-class. Those who have owned one of these beauties will testify to that.

The only slight issue I have with it is the volume of the speakers when playing music - without headphones.

Due to the build-in Beats Audio I was 'expecting' great results, ie the ability to play loud music without that distorted crackliness of many other handsets. There is definitely none of that, but then the volume is relatively quiet in comparison to other products. I am also owner (recently) of an iPhone5 and the X8 and both are noticeably much louder. That said, with headphones it is without doubt my favourite of the lot.

Anyway, given I now have three top-of-the-range phone models I definitely need to part with one and so the One XL is the one biting the bullet, I'm sad to say. The iPhone 5 is a work phone and the X8 my new 'toy'.

So if anyone is interested to take the One XL off my hands I'll be happy to listen. If not I will put it on eBay. It acceps T;Mobile/EE/Orange micro-sims, is in excellent condition other than slight scratches on the screen - not noticeable when the screen is unlocked and will definitely make a new owner happy.

I am happy to send/post pictures if people want to see it

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Definitely worth getting the HTC One. I've had mine 2 weeks now, and I have been really impressed by it. I would describe it as a stylish, media focused, ease of use, social phone. It is also the only phone to date I have had that contains at release the fewest bugs. Outstanding. Wrote tons on my blog too about it.

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I see the last post from the guy in April about the HTC One and Google Wallet. Any breakthroughs here? I've tried using xposed, the xposed.zip fix for the One, your Toolkit and wallet fixes, but I get the secure keys error.

Any updates? Never used wallet before. My One is T-Mobile with T-Mobile, and I am in the US.

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This is the HTC One, in stunning black. I have to confess that I really like the silver one, but now I have a black one in my hands... it's really growing on me.

A device such as this deserves an extensive, thorough and honest review and that's what I will deliver - but I know lots of you have questions about the device right now... so i'm here to answer any queries you have.

Fire away! :)


Click here to view the item

Hi Paul, I am one of the testers for SWITCH. I love it, and it works great! I just saw this post, and I have the same problem. Well except that I'm stuck with a silver one. I was wondering if we could work something out.

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