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[ROM][Skate] SlimBean 3.1 - Android 4.2.2 (05/04/2013)

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The gapps posted on top of the topic (http://tinyw.in/qpn6 (updated 29/03/2013) --> gapps-4.2-stripped-20130329.zip ) are available again for download and seems to be more recent than the one posted on http://www.4shared.c...ll-Oct-09.html (--> gapps-jb-4.2.2-Small-Oct-09.zip)


Can I just install the first gapps if the second is already installed, or do I first need to wipe data and cache?

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To just look more like 4.4 KITKAT, is there any way to have the icons in status bar in WHITE color? Can i apply a theme? (i mean stock themes, not like GoLauncher themes...) 





i found a way. ive instaled a kit kat theme and using the settings ive changed the color of batery and date to white.



Just one question:

I use MXPLAYER to watch videos i render. in gingerbread roms the playback was fluid, in this rom (and other 4.x roms i've tried) the playback is a bit laggy.

Is there any way to fix it, can i have a more apropriate coded instaled on MXPlayer for this phone? I've tryied also other players but no success :(

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SlimBean ROM - Android 4.2.2


Tired of oversized ROMs bloated with countless number of features and settings?

If yes then this one is for you. It was built from SlimRoms sources and

contains carefully selected set of the most important and useful features.

At the same time, I managed to get the total size under 150MB so this ROM

fits nicely on 150MB system layouts (including gapps).

Visit official site for more info: http://slimroms.net

Standard LatinIME keyboard contains only English dictionary by default, but no worries.

I prepared the optional packages for other languages. Choose your desired LatinIME package

and flash after flashing ROM. All optional LatinIME packages also contain English.

This ROM comes with HoloLauncher HD by default.


Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-27-20.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-28-49.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-29-12.png

Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-32-32.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-30-25.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-30-41.png

Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-35-13.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-36-05.png Screenshot_2013-03-17-02-33-16.png

This is a rom suitable for advanced users only not whining about all the well known problems

or missing features.

Known issues

- no Camera flash

- bluetooth temperamental

- no Voice input (because of armv6)

- no thumbnails for recorded videos


- ROM fits on 150MB system partition including my stripped gapps package


- ROM: http://tinyw.in/RA0X (release 05/04/2013)

- Gapps: http://tinyw.in/qpn6 (updated 29/03/2013)

- Gapps Multi-DPI: http://tinyw.in/nSGc (updated 29/03/2013 - use in case of using other than stock DPI. Play store won't complain about apps incompatibilities)

- LatinIME keyboard versions: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Portugal, Russian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Swedish

(other languages on request)

- OPTIONAL: Compatible INT2EXT+ script: http://tinyw.in/Zjvl (flash after flashing rom and gapps)

Installation instructions

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs and desired LatinIME package to your SD card

- Boot into clockworkmod

- Backup your current ROM (optional but highly recommended)

- Wipe Data / factory reset

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / Wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts & Storage / format system (just to be sure)

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- install zip from SD card - choose LatinIME package

- reboot

- let it settle for couple of minutes until media scanner finishes its media scanning job. Otherwise UI might be a bit laggy.

Upgrade instructions - without wiping data

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into ClockworkMod

- Backup your current version (optional but recommended)

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts&storage / format system

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- optionally flash desired LatinIME (keyboard)

- reboot

- if you experience stability problems or other undesired behaviour, go for fresh install!!!

Reporting Bugs

When reporting, please:

1) provide as much detailed info as you can: e.g. what performance settings you use, method of increasing internal memory, ...

2) provide steps to reproduce the issue (if reproduceable)

3) attach a logcat containing info related to the particular incident (use aLogcat from play store)

Since I am not an Oracle I will ignore all bug reports that lack this information http://www.modaco.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png

Additionally, I will not provide any support for 3rd party user-apps that don't come with the ROM.

Thank you for understanding.

Respect and credits go mainly to Tilal and KonstaT for doing all the dirty

work to bring JellyBean to ZTE devices, the SlimRoms team, the whole androidarmv6 project team, CyanogenMod and all the others involved. Special thanks to daemond for great patches solving the remaining issues (sound routing, HW VSYNC, video playback, FM Radio, ...)

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if it isnt listed we cant find it but u can try on google to seach little maybe u can find it...



Edit: goois dead for now. u can search on net if u find u post mirror here but if u cant find u can install without  keyboard dictionary and it will work fine... ;)

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