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Xolo facebook group: I'm IN!

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Hi you lot :)

I found a few posts around here that mentioned that it was not easy to get into the Xolo Facebook group, or am I mistaken? Anyway, I am now in... so what shall I ask them?

Thanks :)

PS: This file (and many others) are downloadable from the group (file attached); is this anything useful?



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No use whatsoever. It might be useful if you wanted to flash a xolo update without having a working fastboot / adb still need the Intel Drivers anyway though for Windows.

make sdk or make adb / make fastboot from the AOSP sources under cygwin will give you the same binaries.

I want the 4.1 rom that is the only thing to want. (Or any unlock tool - but that totally aint happening).

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I was in the group(not difficult at all) but left because it consists of normal folk who just want to socialise with the odd one who actually needs advice and an unfortunate small minority who are just A-holes. Whoever manages the group doesn't seem to mind about the latter group(possibly they're part of it?) so there was no part in being in it. Ricky was in as well and quit.

It'll be interesting to see how soon you're OUT.

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