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Jiayu G2L

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I'm from Portugal and bought a G2L Jiayu.

I'm a bit lost with google automatic translator, and as I can not read Chinese, you can imagine it's hard to get information.

I can not use flash tools, because after turning the mobile phone by usb it is always connecting and disconnecting ... I tried to install the driver anyway and he detects when I connect the usb and seconds later turns off.

I managed upgrade to a rom lewa with Lewa recovery sistem 1.0 but the rom only has Chinese and English, and comes with many applications in Chinese only.

I backup the original rom and now when I restore the mobile phone does not start, does not pass the green symbol.

Any idea how to restore or flash a new rom?

The backup is in TWRP

Thank you.

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Problem solved, finally i have beaten the flashing update with this tutorial.

But now i have a problem with a camera... only the face camera is available...

i have tried to restore my first backup and it worked, but the camera was still missing :(

For the ones that have problems with the USB Driver and flash update try to follow this tutorial.

This worked for me... And most of the ROMs out there must be flashed this way.

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