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Help, brick?

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So when you change the firmware on which I could not do root (V10m) I wanted to upload the old (V10F). All good, but the program ended, etc phone started to constantly reset (white screen and reset), and so on. The recovery did not go in because I do not have it, so I should do a hard reset, but that did not happen. I tried to upload the recovery by adb but it does not detect the phone ... Please help, I received a call today from a guarantee (CM9 fell) so I did not want to give it back. using translator

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you must be got wrong when do a hard reset.

to be sure that power button has the last one pressed.

try this:

when off position, press n hold Home, then vol down... keep it holding then power button at the last.

coz if power button pressed first or in the middle, you won't go into factory reset.

good luck

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