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Acer liquid S100 stuck on android logo

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After a few days searching for my own i decided to creat this topic.

This is my brother phone, he has a liquid s100

About a week ago he told me that the phone turn off alone sometimes, and then got stuck on android logo.

I tried to flash a new room, with acer download tool ([email protected]) but it always stop at process amss

i was able to install malez recovery doing so "fastboot -i 0x0502 flash recovery malezRecovery_0.5.3.img" as it show on this guide http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=721885

Then i can flash a new room, but every rom i flashed it get stuck on the same android logo,even if it LCR_1.7.3-signed, LCR-E_1.8.2.2-signed or 2.0 it allways get stuck

i read on a forum, that the problem was the batterie, it seems a little strange but maybe its the only answer i can find

please help me find answers,

sorry for my english

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