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All those with cracked casings, please post photos and explain further.

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I'll leave you guys to talk about the San Diego - I'm done with the toy phones, but it was fun when it lasted :)

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To be honest, as long as the power button doesn't break I'm not bother by any cracks. By the way my dad picked up an OSD a couple of months after me, it went straight in a protective case and he hasn't removed the back. His still has a couple of cracks on the silver plastic (inc one by the volume buttons).

That's exactly what has happened to mine. The power button has sunk in permanently to the casing, rendering it unable to 'wake up' the phone unless finger nails are used. There are also cracks as described in the numerous other posts in this thread.

I've just written the email to the Orange Executive office:

Dear Orange Customer Service

I bought my orange san diego in September 2012 and I’ve been satisfied with it until I’ve recently found that the power button has sunk into the casing, rendering the phone very difficult to ‘wake up’ since the power button is ineffective.

Additionally cracks have appeared in both the silver plastic casing and the black bezel around the screen.

The phone has been treated with care since the beginning and I’m sure that there is a quality problem with this phone.

My case is backed up by others who have experienced similar issues; The forum Modaco has logged numerous complaints (see http://www.modaco.com/topic/361595-all-those-with-cracked-casings-please-post-photos-and-explain-further/ ).

Please could you arrange for a replacement phone to be sent out to me and let me know the procedure to do so; I understand that a repair bag can be sent out for me to send the phone back in.

Yours Faithfully

Roger Barnett

I'll post and update if / when I hear something.

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