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B7610 freezes at startup

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Hello all,

I have been able to install android on my B7610 and get it working.

This is how installed it:



1. Download installpackage from http://o2droid.phj.hu/index_en.php

2. Unzip according to README from installpackage

3. Download this package, replace ext4.tar.gz and zImage in the rootdir of the just unzipped installpackage.

4. Follow readme steps in README from installpackage.

Note: There is no need to execute any of the cm_update_*.sh scripts. For B7610 this is not nessecary.

so, i downloaded the two packages and replaced EXT4.TAR.GZ and zImage.

Then i copied everything to My storage, ran androidinstall.exe in Mystorage\o2beta

After installation and reboot i starten Haret in My storage.

So far so good.

Android works fine but everytime i reboot my phone it freezes when i try to start haret to start up android.

I always have to reinstall to get android working again. good thing is that i dont lose the installed apps, contacts etc.

Can anyone help me with this please.

Many thanks in advance.


In addition:

When i replace EXT4.TAR.GZ in my storage it will boot again.

I also always receive an erro message booting in Windows mobile.

Saying that the boot.exe is not certified.


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after installing CM_beta2, rebooting, using Kernel-B7610-froyo-REV51, rebooting again. The problem freezing at startup is fixed.

Although new problems appear.

Keyboard not working correctly.

No camera.

Anyone whe knows the solution to this?

Other issues but had them before aswell.

No bluetooth

No Wifi



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