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Some overclocking tips.

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Just got a Huawei G300 and installed the Stock+ ROM and No-Frills CPU to overclock it. However, I figured I'd post here since my question is more of a general one than one specific to that phone.

I'm wondering if I should just overclock when I want to use a 3D intensive app (like I'm playing Dead Space right now so an extra 0.2 ghz really makes it run nice) and then clock back down when I'm done or should I just leave it clocked up? The phone got a bit hot while I was playing Dead Space overclocked, so I'm wondering if its safer to leave it at 1GHZ when I don't need any more than that.

Thank you.

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I have done that before with GTA Vice City. I now keep my phone overclocked all the time to 1190, used to have it on 1228 but i don't game on it very often anymore, i would if there would be a good CS on it. Long story short its ok to overclock it however if it gets too hot then turn it down to 1ghz. :D

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